Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cutting Down the Christmas Tree

With little snow in Wayan this year, cutting down the Christmas tree was a breeze. We thought Brittanie was old enough this year to join us. She loved eating the snow off her gloves until she tasted dirt. "I told you mommy that it was a bad idea," Brittanie said as she was spitting out dirt.

Super McQueen?

The kitchen provides the perfect race track for Nathan to practice his driving skills. Watchout Nascar -- Nathan's coming for ya.

Bring on the Candy

Brittanie wanted to dress up as Cinderella. She is all princess! Nathan was going to be a train conductor, but Peyton (cousin) showed up with a Thomas the Train costume. Nathan decided he was going to be Thomas. I guess he knows he is three months older than his cousin and can be the bully.

Oh Sweet Halloween

Peyton and Ethan joined Brittanie and Nathan trick or treating this year. They all had a blast.