Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saddlebrook Neighborhood 4th of July Parade

Our neighborhood has a 4th of July parade for kids every year. With all of our family traveling this year, we actually got to stay home this year and attend our local events. We jazzed up Brittanie's Jeep and Nathan's 4-Wheeler for the parade. Here is a little snippit of the exciting event (watch out for Natalie trying to sneak by around the photographer).

We had the opportunity to have all our parents here sometime around the 4th of July. Nathan and Brittanie were excited to have so many grandparents around. We were even so lucky to have two dogs visit our home. As most of you know, we are not animal people. We had one of the dogs leave a little treat in our back yard, and unfortunately, Brittanie was the first to find it. She stepped in the fresh treat, reached down to grab whatever squishy thing was between her toes, and then let out death scream once she realized what it was. Tramatized, we rushed her to the hose, washed of the doodie, and took her straight to the bathtub. Still whimpering, she melted dad's heart when she said, "and that's why we will never have pets, right?"

We all hope you had a wonderful 4th!