Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Girl won't do for the 1st slice of Pizza!

So this is how she REALLY feels between shots!
Pretty little Ballerina!

I'm pretty proud of the hair. It's not easy to fake a bun with Britt's current hair style. All those hours of styling my Barbie head finally paid off!

This year picture day fell on a Tuesday night about 5:00 pm. So to make my life more simple I ordered pizza from the place 2 doors down from the dance studio. As soon as we got home from dance pictures Britt was dying to dive into the pizza but I REALLY wanted some cute pictures since I had done all this work getting her ready. So we made a deal. If she looked and smiled AT the camera, after 5 pictures I would let her change and she could have the 1st piece of pizza. If you know Britt at all, she has wandering eyes when it comes to pictures but man the PIZZA DEAL had her focused! I was sneaky and took a few extra pictures but it was SO much easier than pictures in the past. So note to self...recital night, have a few slices of pizza as bait!
I love watching Brittanie take dance. I was devastated when she quit in the fall for gymnastics but was thrilled (and a little guilty for enticing her to sign-up again) when she decided to come back. As we were getting her ready for pictures she flew off the chair when she saw me coming at her with (Dun-Dun-DUN) Mascara! She ran from me and told me that is why she quit dance. After some smooth talking I was able to get her back and finish her eyes. I guess what I am saying is that all her therapy needs in the future will stem from MY need to have her take dance!