Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Apostle Song

Entertaining way to memmorize the apostles....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The Toughest 1/2 Marathon in the Northwest"

Natalie and I ran our first Robie Creek half marathon here in Boise on Saturday. This fun race is Boise's most popular running event of the year and claims to be the "toughest 1/2 marathon in the Northwest." I think Natalie and I would agree. The race is 8 1/2 miles up hill (over a 2,000 ft ascent) and then finishes with 4 1/2 miles downhill. The group that puts on the event, the Sailtoads, creates a fun theme each year for the race (see website for more of the Sailtoads story). The theme they chose this year was to honor Scottish heritage. They put on a great show before the race with a bagpipe band and some weirdo chick riding a horse and cutting off the head of paper statue to start the race (they are known for their unique starts. You can check out the start and other videos here One of interesting features of this race occurs just before you hit the top of Aldape Summit. In all other aid stations along the race they have volunteers handing out water, oranges and bananas. On the last aid statioin just before you finish the grueling 8 miles up hill, and during the steepest part of the ascent when you are feeling the weakest, they have what is known as "temptaion station" -- the aid station with shots of alcohol, beer, spiked little jello cups, and ho-ho's. Some of the volunteers handing out the goodies were also dressed a bit unorthodox (we'll leave it at that). If nothing else it provided a nice distraction from the aching legs.

Natalie Finishing Strong

Scott Finishing Exhausted

In all, 2400 runners ran Robie Creek this year. It's fun to run races with that many runners. You always have somebody running with you. Natalie finished the race around 2 hours and 26 minutes and looked great in here plaid bandana. I finished the race in around 1 hour and 48 minutes. We'll post some pictures once we get them. It was a lot of fun running the race with Natalie. It's great that we have found something that we both enjoy doing. Now that we have ran Robie, we look forward to running it again. If your looking for a great quad cramping, calf burning, knees trembling good time, I recommend running Robie Creek. If nothing else, you'll appreciate your car more....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We've been tagged (apparently Mexico is not "base")

10 years ago I was.....

We were Newlyweds and almost married 1 year. We were both going to ISU, and Scott was serving it up at Sizzler while I was the grunt worker in Dr. Mooney's office in Pocatello.

5 Things on my to do list today

Take my antibiotics, Run 5 miles, Pick up my race number for the Robie Creek 1/2 marathon, pray that I suddenly get over my sinus infection so I can survive 13.1 miles, and cross my fingers that David Archeleta doesn't get voted off American Idol.

What would I do if I became a billionaire?

I would buy a vacation home in Maui! Then I would make some additions in Wayan that included more bedrooms and bathrooms!! I would also buy my Dad a recycle warehouse in Preston and invent something that disolves cardboard. I would kidnap my Mom and take her to see a Broadway show. Then while in NYC we could be on her favorite gameshow--Cash Cab! (Scott would buy the Yankee's and turn them into a triple A team--No joke!)

5 of my secret bad habits

I drink way too much diet coke for a "runner".
I am the queen of unfinished craft projects.

I always make us late for church. (Scott did say I'm getting better now that church is at 1:00.)
I love to dance to Erasure in the kitchen! (It qualifies as a bad habit for those of you who have had the rare opportunity to see me dance.)
I am addicted to reality T.V. Amazing Race, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol fill my Tivo. Don't forget the bowl of popcorn + chocolate:)

Places I have lived

Preston, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Star (Yes, all in Idaho. I'm afraid to cross the border)

Jobs that I have had

Pizza maker, spit sucker (dental assistant) and now the UBER glamourous tooth scraper (Dental Hygienist)

5 things that people might not know about me

I love to do Laundry. There I've said it! I like to watch Hannah Montana with my niece and nephew. I think it a really funny show! I can't open pop biscuts because they scare me. I was lucky enough to marry a man who has brought out the very BEST in me. Tonight I fulfilled a life long dream of being a cub scout and raced my 1st pinewood derby car. (lets not dwell on the race results because they weren't pretty).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tribute to the Red Sox

The Red Sox 2007 World Champions Ring

The Red Sox opened up thier home season yesterday by giving the team their World Series Rings. Here is a picture of the masterpiece. They also paid tribute to Bill Buckner, the 1986 Boston Redsox first baseman who let the ground ball slip between his legs that ultimately led the the Redsox losing game 6, and eventually, the World Series (I didn't see the game back in 86; we really didn't have much of a tv or reception in Wayan back then. Luckily, ESPN likes to revisit the game at least a couple of times a year so I've become quite familiar with the play). Bill now resides in Boise and has done quite well as a real estate developer and car dealership owner. It was nice to see the fans give Bill a standing ovation helping erase 22 years of pain Bill has gone through from that tragic missed play. The perfect home opener ended with the Japan pitching sensation, Dice K, pitching a great shut-out game (with the help of a couple of releivers). For those Boston fans out there, I hope you enjoyed the day. For those Yankees fans out there, mom, I hope it stings a little.

The first Yankees/Redsox series of the year starts on Friday. It's gonna be a good weekend.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break '08

Mexico Retreat!

Here is a little diary of our Mexican vacation in Puerto Morales....

Tuesday, Day 1: We spend the day around our condo playing in the swimming pool and on the beach. Mom and the kids barried Dad in the sand, Brittanie loved playing in the swimming pool, and Nathan had the most fun wheeling around his wheelbarrow along the beach.

Wednesday: Day 2: We went on a snorkling trip to the coral reef in the morning. Don't we look lovely in our gear? It was fun to see all of the colorful fish around the reef. In the afternoon, we took a drive up to Cancun to check out the city and the beach. The sand and water was beautiful. Brittanie loved collecting seashells with mom and grandma and Nathan discovered the joy of waves rushing up against his legs.

Thursday, Day 3: We spent the day at El Cid, an all inclusive resort with a nice swimming pool, beach toys, lots of food, and uncle Craigs favorite, a swim-up bar with all you can drink Pina Coladas (sure they were virgin...). Dad even helped Brittanie catch a wave on the body board. Nathan loved the kids swmming pool and slide while dad liked the cliff jumping and body boards. Natalie's favorite was lounging around soaking up the rays sipping on a cold Mexican Diet Coke

Friday, Day 4: Grandma and Grandpa spent the day with kids around the pool and beach while Craig & Julie and Scott & Natalie took a road trip to see Chichen Itza, the great Mayan Temple. We enjoyed visiting the historical sites and learning about the culture and civilization the Mayans created. Our trip home was quite the experience as we took the back roads through a bunch of Mexican Villages. Natalie started getting hungry when we passed a local on a bike pulling a small trailer with a dead pig hanging off the side. Yummy!

Saturday, Day 5: We enjoyed the all inclusive resort so much we went back. Another day of playing in the pool, sipping tropical drinks, and enjoying the beach.

Sunday, Day 6: We all took a road trip down to Tulum, another Mayan historical site along the coast. It was fun seeing and learning about this area. The kids really liked seeing all of the Iguanas around. On the way back, we stopped at a restaruant next to the beach to enjoy enchiladas and tacos.

Monday, Day 7: We played around the condo again swimming and playing in sand before we left for home in the afternoon.

It was a most excellent vacation. We enjoyed being able to spend vacation time with some of our family. We'll post a slide show with other pictures soon. Que bien es el sol y la playa en Mexico!