Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sledding Wayan Style

Enjoying the Snow in Wayan

Natalie wanted to take me to the "jumps"
We are the snow princesses of Wayan
Scott attempted to snowboard behind the snowmobile....the snow won

Nat hanging out in the tunnel to the house. Good snow in Wayan this year
Natalie and the kids getting pulled behind the snowmobile

We had a great time in Wayan over the weekend Kevan wanted to take his snowmobiles over for a spin on the Wayan snow. We were more than happy to head over with him. Julie & Adam, Amy & her boyfriend Josh, and mom went out also. It was nice to see all that snow out there.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Disneyland Trip

We became a "bug" family

The magic of Mickey Mouse

Our Princesses found their castle

Nathan's just happy riding a horse

We found out who Nathan really likes. Ariel was the only character Nathan felt comfortable enough to get close to. He screamed around all of the others. Look at the little boy flirt with the mermaid.

A Princess Dream Come True

We took the family to Disneyland to celebrate Brittanie's 5th birthday. We thought she was the perfect age to meet all of her favorite princesses. I believe it was a "magical" birthday...