Monday, May 4, 2009

Can you stand it???


This was Britt's 2nd year of ballet and I have to say the Spring Recital is a bit of a "high" for Mom! It's like playing with dolls...except these ones are sassy and tell you at least once a day that you don't know anything--but that is beside the point. Today was dance pictures so I got to get Britt all dressed up complete with make-up and fake eyelashes.(Hallie--I'll save the eyelashes for you! They are pretty fun to play with!) I finally mastered how to do a bun and I was so excited. After pictures Britt came home and struck some of her own unique poses! I think you can tell which one says "That kid plays too much guitar hero--or as she says 'kuitar hero'". I bet Aerosmith wouldn't have looked this rockin' in a PINK tutu!