Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1100 miles and....

ALOT of vomit! Sorry this is a graphic post but I have to tell it like it is. Our little Nathan is getting more and more sensitive in the car as he gets older. We traveled to Dillon, Montana to visit Grandma & Grandpa Snelders and then on to Helena to visit my brother Jer and his wife Tami and their kids. We were lucky on our drive Friday because it required only 1 pit stop near the craters of the moon. But we must have used up all our luck because Monday was NOT Nate's day. We had to stop 5 times!! After alot of wipes, one air freshener, a change of clothes (for Mom and Nate) and a diet 7-up we found out that if you stop putting food in ---it will stop coming out! Nathan was SO happy to see Mountain Home and know that we were getting back on a straight road that would lead to home! We had a blast with our families in Montana--thank you for showing us such a good time! We got to go to 2 easter egg hunts, play guitar hero-mario kart-bowling, play at the park, AND collect rocks and crystals! We had so much fun. We made memories to last a life time. And we would wade through "IT" all over again to be with the ones we love. Hopefully this post didn't leave anyone feeling sick! Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a.......

Not to worry, I don't think Nate will get his way and name our son Nacho! I was successful in getting Scott to make a guess last night. And the story of my life continues that Scott is always right and beats me at everything (even my own game!). I was so sure this baby was a girl because EVERYONE I know is having a boy as well! I guess it will all even out somehow right? We are all totally excited. It is funny that I have done this twice before and still when they scan across my belly and I see this little person I am just amazed! It is so incredible that this little guy is in there!! I know it sounds wierd since I've had 2 kids but it is more unbelievable to me the older I get. What a miracle. Even more amazing was when the nurse asked us which side of our family had the "tall" genes and Scott and I both laughed! Then she went on to tell us that our little boy has long arms and legs that measure about a week ahead of his head and body! She said this could all change but at week 20 we can say for now that our son is Tall! That's our Nacho! Thanks everyone for your comments and guesses. It made me feel very loved today!