Sunday, June 27, 2010

Broadway, Are you ready for this?

The Star Performers take the stage at the Emmett Cherry Festival
Britt takes to the stage and sings her little heart out!

Solo time...and she Brings down the house! She didn't hold back at all when she got in front of a real audience!

Look at that hip action as she "Washes that man right out of my hair!"

After Britt performed at her 1st grade program and then again in front of her entire school at the end of the year talent show we realized we had a little performer on our hands! I heard about this singing group that does a few performances in the summer and decided to let Britt try it out. She has had a BLAST! So far they have been in a parade and then their first stage performance last Saturday at the Cherry Festival in Emmett. It is SO fun to watch her perform! She really goes all out when she is on stage. I don't know where she gets it! They have 2 songs they perform and it took me a full week before I could get it out of my head!--Oh man, now talking about it has brought it all back!! "I love you, a Bushel and a Peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!...."You bet your 'purdy' neck I DO! Doo-da-loo-da-loo-do-do!! The other day the kids across the street started a lemonade stand. The next thing I see is Britt making a sign of her own. So I'm thinking it's only a matter of minutes before she is asking me to help her make Kool-Aid to start up her own lemonade stand. But she surprised me. In stead she had a sign that read in 1st grade handwriting" "Brittanie will purform "Bushul and a Peck" for $1.00 each show.
Now that cracks me up! So what do you do when you don't have a good agent? You do it yourself because good help is hard to find!

Look out Kindergarten!

If only we knew how nervous Nate really was standing up in front of everyone!
Handsome little graduate!

Nathan gradutated from Preschool earlier this month. We know how shy our little Nathan is and wondered how he would do in this program. A few weeks earlier he wouldn't go on the stage at church and sing for Mother's Day with all the other kids. I wasn't surprised when the daycare owner told me the next day how scared Nathan was as they were lining up to begin. He went to the bathroom and was in there a long time. It was long enough that a teacher went to check on him and found him in the corner of the bathroom nearly in tears. Luckily we have the BEST teachers at his school and one of them took him by the hand and told him that she also gets nervous in font of an audience and it would really help her if HE would hold her hand when they walked in. That did the trick! Once he got over his nerves he had a wonderful program and got to accept his dipolma. Thank you Stepping Stones for all you have done to help our little Nathan grow and learn. Look out Kindergarten...Here comes Nathan!