Monday, September 28, 2009

Families are Forever

Little Zach is 4 weeks old on his blessing day.
This little boys is always moving those hands if he is awake!

Who wouldn't want to be together Forever?

VERY proud Big Sister and Big Brother. Now they have something..or Someone new to fight over! And believe me they do!

We are very blessed! (Pretty busy and tired but blessed all the same!) Little Zachary has been in our family now for 7 weeks today. Somedays I feel like it is flying by and then other times I feel like it has been a FOREVER since I got a good nights rest! But look at that little face, he is worth every minute. I guess I just feel very lucky today and want to express my gratitude for having such a wonderful family. I think I would feel very lost if I didn't know, without a doubt, that I will live with my family for eternity. Somedays I know the kids would like me not to nag them for eternity but its a risk they will have to take. Recently we had some friends comment on how neat they thought it was that we spend every Saturday doing some kind of activity together as a family. I guess this is something I have just taken for granted. I am very lucky to have a husband that makes family time a #1 priority. We don't always do exotic things on our Saturday family day. Often our family activity is going to Sams Club browsing and getting a hot dog. It's about an $11.00 date but our kids love it because Saturday is sample day so they get more than just a hot dog. So thank you to our friends for telling me that you think the Snelders have a fun tradition because it has made me realize how important family time is and I'm grateful that "Saturday family day" is just part of our life style. I'm glad they shared with us that they have totally changed their previous Saturday schedule to now make Saturday their family day. I hope everyone reading this blog knows me well enough to know that I'm not boasting, I'm just as shocked as everyone else to realize we are doing something that others think is right.
P.S. We are truly blessed to have THE coolest friends and family in the world...yeah I mean all of you reading this. (Unless your a blog snooper and then I guess I don't know if you are cool or not.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Look Dude, No training Wheels!!"

Our little artist!! It is definitly in her Genes!
Nate is pretty excited about his new skills!

Look at me GO, and GO....and GO!

Britt has been riding for 5 months and shows Nate how a pro does it!

Nate and Dad at "Art in the Park" building and Airplane out of Cardboard.
The fancy term is "recycled art".
Have we EVER mentioned that we LOVE Boise in the fall? I know we are annoying but Art in the Park is one of our absolute favorite events of the summer. Usually we ride our bikes on the Greenbelt into Julia Davis park but this year with Zach we had to change and walk into the park. Zach can't hold up his own head so he is no where near ready to try out the bike trailer. We did however keep our tradition of packing a picnic and finding a shady spot to enjoy lunch together in the park! Some may think is a little sad that a piece of fried chicken and free art projects makes for such a happy family but that's how we like our Saturdays... SIMPLE.
Now for our other big news, Nathan can ride his bike. It was amazing how fast he learned. We knew he would pick it up quickly but we had no idea it would be this quick. Just like Britt he decided to learn when Mom was gone to mutual and had nearly mastered riding a bike in a single night. On Thursday he followed Mom around all day begging her to find time when Zach was asleep that she could go help him riding his bike. After a couple of laps up and down the street with him yelling over his shoulder "LET ME GO"(because I was hanging on to his shirt) he gave up and waited for the real bicycle trainer (DAD) to get home from work. Then that night he was well on his way. So the first night he could balance and ride but was scary to watch. The second night he had even better balance and learned how to turn around and stop with out crashing. And then Friday night, he learned how to start all by himself and now is an expert. He loves to show anyone how fast he can go! It amazes me that he chose to have Dad take off his training wheels and learned to ride his bike in one night! He gets that from Scott. I haven't confessed to the kids that I couldn't ride until I was like 8 or something! I just remember being embarassed that I had training wheels so I must have been pretty stinkin' old!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to the Books

Lining up after the 1st bell and guess who is 1st in line!!
This was the shirt Britt picked out on our Girls only shopping trip.
Thanks Honey, for taking the boys so we could go shopping. It was SO much fun for both of us!
Now you can see the total look. For all the girls, we know it is all about what you wear the 1st day back to school!
Brittanie started back to school on Monday and could not have been more excited!! She woke up as soon as she heard Scott and she quickly made her bed and put on her outfit she picked out the night before and then to my dismay....she did her own hair. In her mind she thought she was ready and now she just had to wait. But the poor little girl has a Mom who is way to up tight to let her do her own hair on the 1st day of School. After some savy negotiations of "extra baby Zachary time", I talked Britt into letting me do her hair! Sigh of relief!! (I have found these two kids will do just about anything if it results in them getting some alone time to snuggle their baby brother.) After a few pictures, she couldn't stand it anymore and we drove her down to school. Nathan was a little embarassed because as we headed out the back door of the house he asked me if I wanted a jacket so nobody would see that I was in my pajamas!! Looking back now on taking her to 1st grade in my pajama's...I must say I am a little humiliated. I was wearing my Rad Racing t-shirt so at least it was my "cool" pajamas AND I had on sunglasses! I'm still trying to figure out where my day goes, but being home with the two boys keeps me busy but we love it. Nate likes having Mom and Zach all to himself for a few hours of the day, I guess that is as long as I don't take him anymore places in my pajama's!!