Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time flies when you've got 3 kids! Am I right Ladies?

Zach is almost 3 months in this picture!
Hannah and "pepe" go trick or treating.

Isn't Nathan the cutest Super Hero Ever?

Scott wore Britt's Hannah wig for a last minute costume to run the Fun Run here. We added the Bandanna and called him Brett Michaels! Rock ON!

Scott ran the St. George Marathon and did GREAT!
So you may have wondered why can't Nat get a new post more often and here is a glimpse at what is keeping me busy these days! I can't believe how much faster my day goes since we brought home little Zach! Halloween seems like yesterday but here we are already Christmas shopping today! We had a blast having almost all of Scott's siblings here to celebrate Halloween with us! What a Blast!! It is one of our new family traditions that we look forward to. Scott decided an hour before the Great Pumpkin Race that he was going to run so we scrambled for a costume and this is what we got! I think he looks pretty sexy with that long blonde hair! He came in 2nd place and won 3 months at the gym w/ personal training--that he gave to me! So reaaly we were bith winners! That is the other thing that has kept us busy is running around to watch Scott run races this month. He ran the S. George Marathon in early October and another 10k race here in Boise 2 weeks later. He had his fastest 10k finishing in 41 minutes! So other than racing I stay busy shuttleing kids to and from school, preschool, and gymnastics. Oh, and just to make sure I don't get bored I went back to work 1 day a week starting November 5th.
I always love to post a funny story and so I'll finish with my favorite Halloween story. I had gotten this sombrero at DI and thought it would make a fun costume. Half way through trick or treating Britt was at the door and the adults were asking her about her costume. She was very proud that they could tell she was Hannah Montana. I guess she must have felt bad for me because they didn't comment on my costume so she drew their attention to me saying, "And look at my'Mom, She's a (pause)...Chinese thing!" The neighbors got a kick out of that! I think I laughed until the end of the block! Britt wasn't trying to get a laugh but she really enjoys making a good joke!