Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Man's Way to Hang up Lights!

It's good to have a cousin live so close with a bunch of cool man toys. Kevan brought over is man lift to help us put up our Christmas lights this year with some fun. Natalie took a little joy ride above our house to check out the neighborhood (No naked sun bathers today!)

Grandpa gave us this big blow up train last year. Nathan and Brittanie thought it was pretty cool to put up this year

Kids going for a little ride with uncle Kevan

Uhm....does this look right?

Daddy like....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All I want for Christmas is....

...To know WHO I'm shopping for!
We drew names for Christmas and here is a break down for the kids and adults.
Name: & WHO you have:
John Paul---Hallie
Brynn---John Paul

Here is the breakdown for the Adults:
John & Bonnie---Craig & Julie
John & Heather---Julie & Adam
Scott & Nat---Amy
Craig & Julie---John & Bonnie
Julie & Adam---John & Heather
Amy---Scott & Nat

With our little rotation this is how if worked out this year. If anybody has questions lets us know! Hints for what you want are always welcome in the comments sections! Happy Shopping!!!

P.S. This is not an exciting post if you're not a member of this side of the family but it was the easiest way we could think of to get the list out there. I promise to post something clever soon!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween BASH!!

I didn't know Lucifer lived in STAR!!!
Trick-or-Treat here we come!!

Yeah, if someone got this picture without a hand, I would really like a copy. Thanks!

Nate doing the Cake walk.

Pre-party smiles. It kills me that Nate won't wear his hat.
Isn't that the essence of the Thomas costume?

Isn't that a sweet spider hat? Another reason
that Britt LOVES kindergarten...Crafts! She also made her

We have found living in Boise to be a great mid-point stop for alot of visitors. This year we had Scott's parents, brother, and 2 sisters + spouses and kids visit us for Halloween. (We know John and Heather would have loved to be with us but that's a pretty spendy trip for some cheap halloween candy! Maybe next year it will be worth the trip.) We began celebrating even before the family got here with an awesome kids party at the club house hosted by my friend Shantel. The only bummer was that Scott sat on my camera. (It would have probably been ok if he didn't have such a rock hard buttocks!) So I hope you will understand that we were a little handicapped in our photo taking abilities on Halloween night. The camera still works but the viewing screen does not. I was pretty happy with the pictures I took once I could see "what" I had taken. I can't remember the last time I looked through the little hole when taking a picture! We had a great Halloween none the less. It was a blast having alot of Scott's family with us for the holiday. I think this was a great warm-up trip for thanksgiving because we ate ALOT and played games! Thanksgiving here we come!