Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A promise is a promise.....

....No matter how much that promise hurts your self esteem! I promised you all pictures from our 4th of July performance and so here they are. These somewhat capture Scott's energy and ability to rock out and play all his notes at the same time. I however was just happy that I didn't tip over from the heat! No wonder I have never really had long hair--I can't take the heat! I hope our humiliation makes someone out there smile! Quick baby update: 36 1/2 weeks and dialated to a 1+. (I'm no doctor but isn't every woman in the world a 1???) I probably have another good 2 weeks so we will keep you informed. Thanks to all who made baby name comments, I liked alot of your suggestions! One thing I know for sure his that baby Snelders legal name will NOT be Nacho but I have a feeling it is a nickname that will stick! SO any one who finds a 3 month old Mexican wrestling costume, that would be a sweet baby gift for Halloween!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Boy Name Survey

Scott and the kids are away on a trip and I have alot of time on my hands and I thought this might be a fun way to get feedback on some of the baby boys names we have been considering. We usually don't choose until the baby is born but I thought I would put our list out there and let you comment and tell us your favorite.

Or Write in a suggestion.

You will notice I didn't include some of Nates silly favorites like Nacho, Bowzer, or Skippy. Although funny, I would not name my baby any of those names and Zeek is borderline. However, my sister just told me she likes Zeek and so did several people at church. Is this really a name people other than Scott and Nate like? Just curious about the opinions of my family and friends so let us know! I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant and hope to have this baby in 2-3 weeks so it is time to get fairly serious about names.

4th of July Reunion

Britt was SO excited to be IN the annual 4th of July Parade in Wayan.
I believe it's Idaho's only parade with more parade participants than spectators!
Friendly competition with Kevan. Let's just say if they make this "golf balls on a string" game into an Olympic Sport I would be on the cover of Wheaties in no time!!

Scott and Kevan didn't want the parade to end!

Pre-Parade crowd!

Scott always finds something unique to wear in the parade. This year Aunt Wendy knew that only one person could pull off the coconut bra and moon boots costume...Scott.
We usually find ourselves in Wayan to celebrate the 4th with family but this year we had many scheduled events that made the weekend extra FUN for everyone. This is the 3rd year of our family parade and like most parades it gets better and longer every year! Thanks to Aunt Wendy's organization it was another great parade! After the parade we had lawn games and a fishing pond for the kids. The big attraction this year was the 1st (and maybe last) Family Talent Show. Scott and I dressed up and played one of our favorite Guitar Hero songs. Scott is a Great performer and Nat--well she can either dance or play..but not both at the same time. Being 8 months pregnant, we spared everyones eyes and just stuck to playing the song. Sadly we were performing and have no visual evidence of that performance...but check back we may get a video or pictures from somebody. Britt brought Mom to tears singing God Bless America along with signing. Nathan was too shy to perform-his talent is just being cute! Scott comes from a very talented family. There were several creative talents by other family members. We had juggeling, dancing, comedians, and even an appearance by Michael Jackson (both the black and white Micheal)! Scott's family is many things but I have never seen so many people that are such hard workers. One day was spent doing several projects all around the house and yard. I made myself useful by helping with lunch...and not alot else. When it came to finding the entrance to the septic system, I felt that was not a project I wanted any part of. It ended up that my brother in law Adam knows ALOT about just about everything and we had a very interesting tutorial on just how a septic system works. There was alot of laughing and jokes made and now Adam is know as "Sherlock" in our family. My favorite new septic system term has got to be: pooh-juice. Now when Nate has to make a sewer system diagram I can help him...but I'll probably have him get help from Uncle Adam!