Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Family Pictures--Hurray!

Just the Girls!
What a cute toothless Smile.

Just the Boys!

Just the OLD people!

The Snelders Family
Nate is voted most photogenic.

Our family (in a) TREE!
We want to thank Judy and Kevan for taking time to help us get some cute new family pictures. I think we got some good ones. Our favorite background spot ended up being in the sun and all of us are making weird faces so we didn't post that one. My favorite picture of the day was the one of all the kids that is our new title picture! So cute!! I know all the Grandmas will be excited to get a copy of that one. THANKS to Judy and Kevan now we have new pictures!! Mom--I know you will want to see all 200 but we didn't think everyone else would so we will send you a CD!