Saturday, February 28, 2009

B-day Batman

Nate got Batman PJ's from Grandma Gog and Grandpa Beard. He loves to be Batman. If these pajama's need to be washed he is counting the days until he can wear them again. The kids had a babysitter last Saturday that brought crafts and they made these perfect. Now his Batman costume is complete thanks to Shelby! Star is a much safer place to live now that we have our Pint-size Batman to protect us!

Wii are having the time of our Lives!

Nate LOVES Doughnuts so here is his Krispie Cream Doughnut Cake!

Britt chose Lemon Cupcakes and her friends mostly liked the sour watermelons on top!

Britt and her BFF's Sadie and Jennie! (Nate has a little crush on Sadie-in blue)

We got a Wii for Christmas and it has turned us into video game junkies. Scott is ready to go on tour either as a Rock Star or part of the PGA!! Britt has a blast just creating new Mii's like paperdolls but better. And Nathan is our most passionate Olympian. He follows me around all day "Mom, you want to go running?....or Swimming?" He has a world record in the high jump and he is barely 4! It is amazing to watch the kids navigate their way through the games without being able to read. I am the want-a-be Wii player. I have too many new responsibilities for much Wii time. I have still been pretty tired in these first months of pregnancy or I am driving youth to dance festival practice, mutual, or other meetings. It is such a fun calling but I can't wait until I feel like I know what the heck I am doing!! Our new family passion is Mario Cart that Nate got for his birthday. The kids both recently celebrated their birthdays. Britt , now 6,had a blast taking 2 friends to Planet Kid in January. In Nathans mind there is only one place to celebrate your birthday: Chuck E. Cheese!! Here are a few random pictures of how we have spent our time these last few months.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HOLY Guacamole!! (As quoted byNathan)

Well, I wished I had gotten more rest in 2008 because 2009 is already shaping up to be a "DOOZY". A few weeks ago I got the shock of a lifetime and was called to be the Young Women's President. I still get stomach cramps if I think to hard about it. I have ALOT of growing to do if I am going to fill the shoes of what a YW president should be. I am very lucky, however, to be sorrounded with amazing women who already know the ropes. I tried to get out of the call by telling the bishop I was pregnant and he smiled and said that is why you have great counselors. So I guess it's to girls camp for me in June about 6 1/2 months pregnant.--I know my sister already feels bad for everyone that will get to experience "Pregnant Nat" in nature. It should be interesting. Yes, I was trying to think of a clever way to break the news but that was it. I thought of taking a picture of my positive test...but then I thought--euwww! I am currently 12 weeks and still feeling a little yucky. Our due date is Aug 20th. Now the real question in my mind besides--will we need more pink or blue, is will I get to go on the big family vacation with Scott's family in the end of July. So far, my doctor says it's "iffy" and we should wait and see how I'm feeling. I am already preparing myself for the disappointment if I don't get to go by promising myself tons of scrapbook time and lots of popsicles. So for those of you out there who have been wondering where the Snelders have disappeared to, that is a nutshell of what has been happening at our home. SO I say, 2009 Bring it ON!