Sunday, September 28, 2008

This one's for you, Mom!

Pre-cooked. Isn't it beautiful?

Thanks Britt for taking this pretty picture of Mommy!
Post-baking. It smells as good as it looks! No more "veggie tray" assignments for me next Thanksgiving!!!
This beautiful pie and my kids had ice cream instead!

I am really growing up. As a teenager my Mom always wanted me to do 2 things for her. 1.) Wear a nice dress to church with high heels. 2.) Learn to cook. Lucky for me, she is a VERY patient mother! Dressing up on Sunday came alot faster than developing my cooking skills. I have been a late bloomer in the kitchen, but recently I have been cooking up a storm. Today I made my 1st ever --all homemade apple pie. And I have to say it was delicious!!! I made my crust a little too thick and my apples were sliced a little too thin but other than that it was perfect. Brittanie took pictures of me as proof that I really am becoming quite the little homemaker! (Plus, I know my Mom needs to see visual evidence. I bet she will want my recipe for pie crust once she sees this bad boy!)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are we Mormons...or What!

Scott and I have felt strongly that it was time to seriously focus on getting our food storage. So this summer Scott has created spread sheets and gone to the cannery several times buying food in bulk and calculating how much we need. This weekend we checked out a canning machine to use at home. So we started Friday night thinking it was going to take us all weekend to get everything canned. It turned out that we were more efficient than we thought and finished our work before 8:30p.m. on Friday night. I was allowed"mini" breaks to take some funny pictures to show how much fun it is to be a Mormon. ( Maybe the surprised look on my face is from inhaling too much powdered milk--but after 4 hours of canning I was glad we were both still smiling!) The next challenge in finding space to store all this food!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How old are we? Oh yeah, 31 going on 13!

This weekend was designated long ago as "SNEL-COE". Translation=date night/game night with (Snelders-Briscoes). We started this grand tradition when we lived in Pocatello and got together to play games or go camping on the weekends. Then we moved to Idaho Falls but have kept "Snel-Coe" alive. Cory and Leslie always make us laugh until we cry! They are so fun to hang out with. We fueled up at Wingers and then it was GAME TIME. The Briscoes have a Wii and introduced us to the Wii Olympics that last time we got together in December. Leslie and Scott have been planning their "trampoline" rematch for months. Leslie was victorious beating Scott by 5 tenths of a point!! They both are very competitive and there will be more Wii trampoline competitions in the future. We played guitar hero (mostly Nat and Leslie), Olympics and some game with funny rabbits that burp and fart alot! So like a bunch of 13 year old kids we stayed up playing video games and overdosing on Candy until 1:00 a.m.!! It was SO much fun! Thanks Cory and Leslie for such a FUN weekend! We hope to host the next Wii Olympic on our home court in Boise, so start practicing!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Computer Savy...I am Not!

I just have to say that I spent the last 2 hours messing around with the background and fonts on my blog!! My husband is so sweet to stay up late and hold my hand and help me when I don't know which button to push next. They say you learn something new everyday and today I learned how to cut and paste by using the cntrl+C! Soo Excited! I am easy to please! I also need to give credit to my other blog mentor , my sister in law Julie, for giving me the "dummy" lessons over the phone of how to change a background! I'm so computer illiterate that I need 2 tutors! It took a few weeks to get the look I wanted but now I love it!