Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We love the local Church of the Nazarene in Eagle for their Easter Celebration. they have a large Easter egg hunt, inflatable toys, pony rides, and free hot dogs, cotton candy, and drinks. The kids had a lot of fun there on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brittanie Lost a Tooth!!!

The Tooth Ferry dropped by our house last night to leave Brittanie a little surprise for her first lost tooth -- leave it to Natalie to have a stuffed tooth to leave the extracted tooth in for the Tooth Ferry. The tooth fell out with a little help from her pre-school teacher yesterday. Brittanie had wiggled it back and forth with her tongue until it was hanging on by a thread. Her teacher saw that it was just about out and gave it the last little pull that it needed. Brittanie is pretty excited about soon getting her first "parent" tooth.

Nathan Turns the Big 3

Nathan enjoyed two birthday parties this year. We first celebrated his birthday out in Wayan. Grandma made him a train cake and we enjoyed playing in the snow. We then celebrated his birthday by spending lunch time at Chuck E Cheese and having cupcakes and opening presents at home. Nathan was pretty excited to get his new four wheeler. He's having fun riding it up and down the sidewalk by our house. It's hard to believe he is already three.