Monday, August 30, 2010

Dreams DO come true! (Boston Trip part 2)

We got to go to 2 ball games while in Boston!

Watching the pitcher warm up!

Ahhhh, isn't that a beautiful sight!

Scott and I on our tour of Fenway Park

Proud members of Red Sox Nation!!
Boston Trip--(Part 2)
Ok, SO I know I said I would break our trip into 2 parts but there will be 3. Since the Red Sox are such a big part of our lives I felt like we owe it to the Bo-Sox to devote this post to them. Scott has been a Red Sox fan since he was born..pretty much. His grandfather John grew up in Boston and enriched a love for the greatest baseball team on the planet in his Son. The boys grew up cheering for the Red Sox ever since they could speak. And now as tradition goes the boys are passing on this passion to their kids. Even Brittanie knows "Yeah Red Sox....BOOOO Yankee's!!"
We were thrilled when we found out that Scott's cousins in Boston were arranging a reunion and that we would get to come to Boston to meet them. Not only did they plan a reunion but they planned alot of activities to entertain us while we were in town. A huge thank you to Vinny and Victoria for hooking us up with tickets to the game, a tour of Fenway Park, and a tour through downtown Boston. It was SO much fun!!
We got caught in an unbelievable rain storm in the middle of our tour of Boston. We started making our way back to the ballpark and to get some dinner before the game and it started raining like I've never seen! We made it into a souvenir shop next to Fenway before it really started to pour. I had fought the whole day to save my hair by walking around with a sack above my head and now this! Damp hair and the possiblity of the game getting rained out--I started feeling despair. After about 45 minutes the rain suddenly stopped! Victoria got a new shirt that John Paul helped her pick out while we waited and we went on the have a perfect night for watching baseball.
Didn't I mention we went to see the Red Sox twice? Yeah, this so wouldn't have happened if we had taken any of our kids and that is why this is a story I must tell. Our 1st day in Boston we arrived about 3:30 and checked into our hotel. Then after a walk on the beach and gathering sea shells we started talking about what we should to that night. We were traveling with Scott's brother Craig and his wife Julie...and did I mention we had NO kids with us? It was about 6 :15 when we spontaneously decided to head into downtown Boston and see if we could get into the game that started at 7:00. By 6:25 we were in the car and on our way to find the train station. (This is the part that would never happen with kids!) What a night! We caught the train and rode with some pretty interesting people! We ran into some sister missionaries and while visiting with them got asked by a woman " What is this a freakin' Mormon convention?" She was obviously a little tipsy and headed to the game as well but turned out to be pretty helpful. She gave us a few tips on finding tickets. Once we were outside the stadium we parted ways. (Sigh of relief!) We ended up getting standing room only tickets for $20 since it was already the 3rd inning. We enjoyed a Fenway Frank for dinner and stood behind the seats on the 1st base line. We had great views and after a few innings people started to leave and we got GREAT seats! This game was Also amazing. We watched the Red Sox beat Cleveland Indians--literally! There was a fight in the 7th inning that cleared both dugouts! It was a "Wicked Pissah" of a game! (That is Boston talk for "Really Awesome".) We had a blast!! I will never sing Neil Diamonds "Sweet Caroline" without thinking of my Boston experience!
As a side note: After the game we rode several trains literally packed in like sardines to get back to our car. The idea of personal space was non exhistent! But that's not the funny part of the story. After we make it back to our stop we are walking up the stairs away from the train when we hear a shrill voice screaming "We know you! We know YOU!!!" As we all slowly turn around we find our fellow Red Soxs fans from the earlier train ride. Yep that woman and her husband were there and they remembered us! I guess she wasn't as plastered as I thought!


Strupp Family said...

Ugh, that sounds like A LOT of fun! Especially the part without kids :) It's weird how much more spontaneous you can be, huh? And you can just GO places when you want. No getting everyone ready, diaper bags, snacks, water, shoes, whatever toys they can't live witout...crazy.

Glad you had fun!

Steph said...

Sounds fun! I also cannot listen to Sweet Caroline without thinking of the Red Sox!! :)

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