Monday, August 30, 2010

Boston Vacation--Part 3

Our new extended family--minus a few

The Scituate Lighthouse

Nancy, John, Catherine, Olivia, and Eva--some of our new favorite cousins!

The whole crew at the 1st Snelder's Family Reunion.
4 generations present!!

Julie S., Julie E. and Nancy. Some of my favorite girls!!

Scott with his brothers and sisters and Scott's grandfathers brother and sister!
Josephine and Tom.

More Scituate Lighthouse--Sorry, I don't know how to put these in order!
Meeting Aunt Helen, Grandpa Johns other sister who couldn't come to the reunion due to health reasons. So we took the party to her and she was worth it! So funny and sassy!

Josephine, Scott, and Tom Snelders.

Our artistic interpretation of a beach picture! Somehow the computer flipped this one and I can't flip it back! Enjoying the sunset on the beach in Scituate.

Scott's not acting! After a short swim in the ocean he is half frozen! Look at the beautiful view behind Scott. This is the beach where our cousins grew up just a block away!
On our tour of Plymouth, we visited this old Mill. It is the 1st mill built in America!
What would a tour of Plymouth be without visiting the Mayflower replica?
Boston Trip (Part 3)
"The final chapter...I Promise!"
Well, here is the rest of our trip in kinda of a jumbled random order. I need to call Julie for blog tutoring skills so I can make my post flow better. But this was the last thing on my list of things I wanted to accomplish today so I'm going to get it done no matter what! We enjoyed so many beautiful places while on the east coast. The beach where Nancy grew up was among one of the most beautiful places we visited. I can't imagine growing up a block from the beach! Nancy's husband John grew up in a town next to Plymouth and so he was our guide when we went there. It was amazing to visit the Old Grist Mill, Plymouth Rock (or pebble), the Mayflower replica, and a Pilgrim cemetary. Thanks so much to John for showing us the sights and being SO patient with this crazy large group of people! The walk to the mill was SO beautiful to me along the creek and through a tunnel. Pretty, Pretty everywhere!! John's kept the touring alive and took us a few days later to tour the Scituate Lighthouse. It was so fun to be inside a lighthouse and I couldn't help but feel kinship toward my fellow Lighthouse keepers from Pete's Dragon! If I would have been alone at the top, you know I would have sang Nora's song, but I held it in so I would embarass Scott!
The reunion we got to attend on Saturday was the driving force behind us making this trip out to Boston. Scott's grandfather was one of four children. All 3 of his siblings are still living and his brother Tom just turned 90 this year. It was a great excuse to get the whole family together. Scott helped Nancy with creating a family pedigree chart so everyone could see how they were related. It was so fun to see people walk in and enjoy filling out their branches of the tree! We are such big believers in the importance of family and it was so FUN to meet distant relatives and find such wonderful, caring, and might I add--Good looking people! ( I can say that because I'm not blood!) Thank you so much to Nancy, Cara, Tom, Vinny and Victoria for taking such great care of us. What wonderful hosts you all are. Cara--thanks for the Yummy doughnuts! Man those were awesome! Nancy and John thank you for opening your home and pool to us night after night! Uncle Tom, thank you for the fresh Lobster dinner (even though I only had steak). I just wished I would have been there to watch them cook! Also thank you for the souvenirs and making us feel so loved and welcome in your home. We can't wait to get you to Boise so we can take you to a game on the blue!!