Monday, September 20, 2010

Star Stallions back to School!

Nate and his cubby!
Britt has been counting the days until she GETS to go back to school. Yeah, it's here!

The kids did some cute pictures together before Britt got the idea to do rabbit ears behind Nates head. We narrowly avoided a fight by allowing Nate to do bunny ears to Britt. (So FUNNY, both hands are making the ears but poor kid is just too short to see the ones behind her head!)

Check out this rocking outfit! Thanks to Grandma and Aunt Janelle--Britt is totally stylin' in her high top sneakers!

Kindergarten...Here I come. (Maybe?)
Nathan's 1st Day of School
Nathan was very excited to start school. All summer long he could hardly wait. Then when the actual day arrived I could tell he was feeling nervous at breakfast. This is our child who does not do well with change. I thought it might be a rough day. We walked together to school and dropped Brittanie off at her class. She wasn't reluctant at all to go into her classroom. I think she left smoke as she peeled into class in her new twinkle toe shoes. What--Mom who? Not even a kiss goodbye! Then we took Nate around the corner and he started to back pedal. I had Zach in the stroller and used that to corral him. We went into class with him and he was really starting to freak out and say he wanted to go home. Then once he saw his name on this shiny new cubby, he felt a little better. Then it was time to meet on the rug with all the other kids and he started to climb me like a pole but once again I was rescued when Mrs. Hammons called him by name.
"Oh, Nathan, there you are! Here is your name tag." Big sigh as he makes his way onto the carpet and sits down...carefully keeping one eye on me to make sure I didn't make a break for it. Now I was doing great until Mrs. Hammons reads that stupid book " The Kissing Hand". I'm watching Nate settle in and feel more comfortable as the story is read and I AM starting to feel ALOT more unsettled. This is my tender baby boy and I'm throwing him into the sharks! I make it through the story barely and he looks at me to way goodbye and I'm trying my hardest to fake a smile and give him an excited thumbs up as Zach and I walk out of the room. Two steps later, I'm wiping my cheeks thinking... Crap, I still have to do this with Zach! I think it gets harder with each child!


Snelders said...

Nate looks so grown up! They read "The Kissing Hand" in Peyton's class too, but fortunately for me, they did it after all the parents left and just sent the kids home with a coloring page and cut-out hearts! Otherwise, I probably would have been an even bigger mess then I already was :)! Hopefully Nate has adjusted well and loves his class.

Grandma Gog said...

Isn't it just dandy. You love them, kiss their skinned knees, make special snacks and clean up puke then poof, the day is here when they leave with a smile on their face, ready for adventure. You on the other hand are left with a stack of laundry. Yes, Nat, that is what it is all about. You only have a few years to give your kids the tools to survive society. Keep on truckin' because they are still yours until they ask for the keys to the car.

Steph said...

That dang "kissing hand" book!

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