Sunday, September 26, 2010


Nate attacks the ball!
Taking a break and staying hydrated!

Nates 1st goal shot!

Nathan is LOVING playing soccer. He is on a co-ed team--The Tiger SHARKS. He practices every Tuesday and has played in 3 games so far. Not that anyone is proud of their son, but he has scored 8 goals so far. He scored 4 in his last game on Saturday!
He loves to play and run. His coach is pretty proud of Nathan and that he always goes after the ball. He has had some pretty big kicks and laughed when he kicked it over the goal. Luckily that was in practice but he thought it was cooler that kicking it into the goal. He is all about power kicks!
When Nate scored his 1st goal he ran by me and gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. The mom next to me said "That is a pretty cute smile." And I thought yep, but I'm not sure whose smile is cuter: Nates or his Dad's. Right after he scored I looked at Scott and he had the biggest proud Dad smile on his face. Later we talked and I told Scott that watching Nate play soccer was a treat for him much like my giddy smile when Britt performs at a dance recital!
2 Posts in One week--Mom can you stand it?


Grandma Gog said...

If you only knew how many times a week I check all your blogs, you would be snapping pictures right and left to have something to send me. I love the stories just as much as the pictures. This week's offering was especially sweet. "Go Nate!", I can just see the sparkle in his eyes. That quiet acknowledgement that says,
Yes, I am good". He is such a darling little boy. We love him so. Keep up the good work, Nato.

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