Monday, September 20, 2010

Up, Up, and AWAY!

Zach loved watching the Balloons!
Britt was dressed for Alaska in January! She is wearing two pairs of pants!

A very nice man took pity on me and took this picture. After watching me struggle trying to take one of myself and the kids he could tell I needed help! See, people in Boise are SO nice!
Nutritous Breakfast!--You can't see them but Nate's doughnut has gummy worms on top!

The balloon festival has been brought back to Boise!

The best kids in the world, humoring Mom for another picture!
"We're making memories!--Now stop whining and SMILE!"

Boise's Balloon Festival is Back
I was so sad when the balloon festival left Boise shortly after we moved here. SO imagine my surprise and excitement when I heard the announcment that the Festival was back. I immediatly planned to wake the kids up early on Friday and take them into the launch before school. It was fun but a little chaotic. It was run, run, look, look, picture, picture,and sprint back to the car and eat your doughnut on the way! We made it to school just after the tardy bell. But GOOD NEWS. They were not counting tardies the 1st week of school!


Snelders said...

Such fun! We went to the balloon festival in New Mexico last weekend and it was great! You are awesome for taking your kids alone to it!! Serious kudos to you!! Can't wait to see you guys in St. George in a couple weeks!!

Grandma Gog said...

So did Britt wear 2 pair of pants all day? So glad you had a fun morning. Zachy looks like he had a really good time and couldn't get enough of the sights. Good for him. The kids are growing too fast. Kiss them for Grandma and Grandpa Beard. OXOXO

sweet said...

you've got adorable kids! i wish i could go to a hot air balloon festival some time.

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